Why Masport

Ultra M3 Technology

Ultra M3 technology incorporates a fusion of 3 key features to elevate the performance, clean burning, safety and lower maintenance costs.

Masport M3 Box Baffle

The Ultra M3 design outperforms traditional baffles, ensuring cleaner burns. By superheating secondary air in the firebox, it achieves ultraclean combustion. Constructed from Stainless Steel, Masport M3 Box Baffles are more durable, reducing the need for frequent replacements and lowering running costs. They are also less prone to environmental issues.

Masport M3 Starter Latch

The Masport M3 Starter latch is a simple yet effective safety solution that enhances fire operation. By allowing the door to be positioned slightly ajar, it facilitates easy ignition by allowing air to enter the firebox. It also ensures better ventilation when the fire is not in use.

Masport M3 Ceramic Brick

Featuring a higher thermal mass, Masport M3 Ceramic Bricks release stored heat towards the end of the burn cycle, ensuring more consistent heat output. They are also more resilient, resulting in longer lifespan and reduced replacement needs.